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We are the world's leading provider of decision support red teaming for business. In fact, our president literally wrote the book on red teaming. Our Red Team Thinking™ programs combine the battle-tested tools and techniques developed by the military and intelligence agencies with decades of business experience to create a truly game-changing methodology. Powered by a cadre of military-trained red team leaders and business strategists, we help companies of all sizes stress-test their strategies, strengthen their plans, uncover hidden threats and discover missed opportunities. By showing our clients how to think differently about their companies, we help them become disruptors in their industries, rather than one of the disrupted. And we can do the same for your business.


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About our president

Bryce G. Hoffman is a bestselling author, speaker, and consultant who, in 2015, became the first civilian to graduate from the U.S. Army's red team leader training program, which is considered the gold standard of red team training worldwide. Since then, he has been sharing what he learned with companies around the world. His latest book, Red Teaming: How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition by Challenging Everything, went on sale May 16. You can learn more about Bryce by visiting his website, brycehoffman.com, or following him on social media:

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Why your business needs Red Team Thinking™

My approach to business red teaming is predicated on the belief that there is no end state for any company and no equilibrium in the marketplace. Change is the only constant.

No matter how great your company is today, the only way it can stay great is to continue to evolve. If you don't believe me, grab a copy of Jim Collins’ seminal work Good to Great and see how many of the companies he wrote about in 2001 are still great today — or even still in business.

The best companies — companies like Google and Apple — already understand the necessity of change. They embrace it. It is part of their DNA, and it always has been. It is why so many other companies live in fear of waking up one morning and discovering they have decided to enter their industry and disrupt it.

This recognition of the constancy of change may not be part of your founding vision, but you can make it part of your company’s DNA by embracing Red Team Thinking™.

Red Team Thinking™ is for companies that are not satisfied with their success. It is for organizations that know they can always do more, go farther and fly higher. If you are happy with where you are and do not want to change, then don’t red team. Just sit back and wait for one of your competitors to do it for you.


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