Wg. Cdr. Marcus Dimbleby, RAF, ret.

Marcus Dimbleby is a consultant and instructor with Red Team Thinking, supporting our UK Division in London. He is a retired UK Royal Air Force senior officer, who graduated then served as an instructor at MAWTS-1, the US Marine Corps Marine Aviation Weapons & Tactics Squadron from where he was deeply involved in the planning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and subsequently deployed in support of Coalition forces. His final military role saw him as a UK air defence commander responsible for coordinating responses to national air threats and direct liaison with the Prime Minister and senior ministerial staff, culminating in the planning and successful provision of air security for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. Marcus has since immersed himself in the world of business, working at a major consultancy, then independently in large UK financial services organisations, bringing his energetic servant leadership style and unique ability to disrupt where required to many, achieving impressive, tangible results.

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