Training & Certification

Red Teaming Training & Certification

For organizations that want to create their own in-house, on-demand red teaming capability, Red Team Thinking offers comprehensive red team instruction and certification based on the same program used by the U.S. Army, which is recognized as the gold standard for red team training worldwide. Ours is the first program of its kind in the world, and the only one to offer red team certification.

Three Modules
We offer three, week-long modules. It is not necessary to complete the entire program; completion of each week results in a higher level of red team certification.

After the first week, your team will have a working knowledge of the core red teaming tools – knowledge they can begin using right away to stress-test your strategies and strengthen your plans.

The second and third weeks provide additional tools that empower your team to conduct deeper and more comprehensive red team analyses.

Successful completion of the entire course results in full, Master Red Teamer™ Certification.

Practical Skills and Actionable Insights
Each module consists of five, six-hour sessions (three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon). This structure is designed to ensure that participants have an opportunity to keep up with the demands of their jobs during the training. All of the training is conducted using a real-world strategy or plan selected by your organization. This ensures that classroom time yields not only practical skills, but also actionable insights your company can start using right away.

Custom Tailored Programs
We provide three levels of certification—one for successful completion of each of the three weeks—and we offer substantial discounts to clients who commit to more than one week of training. We’ll help you structure a customized red team training program that works for your organization—one that allows you to build a powerful red teaming capability and begin using this game-changing system immediately to make better business decisions.

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