RTT Crash Course™

Do you want or need to quickly learn about the battle-tested methodology of Red Team Thinking®? To understand how you can use it right away to start having a positive impact on your business outcomes?

The fastest way to do that is our RTT Crash Course™. It covers the basics of Red Team Thinking and provides the foundational tools you need to begin using this game-changing methodology.

The RTT Crash Course is also a prerequisite for all of our other training courses, which will equip you with even more powerful Red Team Thinking techniques.

And right now, we’re offering it a major discount, because we want to equip as many people as possible with these tools so that they can use them to help their organizations navigate through the present crisis.

After the first week, your team will have a working knowledge of the core red teaming tools – knowledge they can begin using right away to stress-test your strategies and strengthen your plans.

This course will cover:

An overview of red teaming and the science and psychology behind Red Team Thinking. You will learn about cognitive biases that cloud our individual thinking, particularly in times of crisis, and the organizational threats to sound decision making.

Liberating structures: groupthink-mitigation techniques designed to leverage the wisdom of your organization to find the best options for going forward.

Foundational tools and techniques, such as Six Strategic Questions™, pointed queries that help you craft the right plan for any crisis, and Assumptions Challenge™, which will allow you to  identify and pressure-test both stated and unstated assumptions in order to make better strategic decisions.

The RTT Crash Course™ is delivered virtually via Zoom. It consists of two, 3.5-hour online sessions over two days, with a short amount of homework in between. The Zoom app is free, but you will need a stable internet connection capable of supporting livestreaming of both audio and video.

All participants who successfully complete the Red Teaming Crash Course™ will receive their Red Team Thinking Basic Training certification. This certificate will allow graduates to enroll in any other Red Team Thinking course.

This course is normally $999, but we are offering it for just $299 for a limited time. The first class begins on April 6 and is filling up fast.

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